__。o*†WHAT CAN I REQUEST?†*o。__
You can requests translations of lyrics, single blog entries, written interviews and articles of any Visual kei band. Keep in mind that it might take some time for me to translate (due to university and other responsibilities), and that I might decline your request due to time constraints, or because I really don't care for the band (this will probably only be the case for interviews though, as they are long).

I will not take any requests for:
Audiovisual material
Entire blogs and/or Twitter accounts (seriously...)
Versailles - due to copyright
PSC bands (indies is OK) - due to copyright

__。o*†HOW CAN I REQUEST?†*o。__
Simply leave a comment below, or send me a tweet / tumblr ask if you are more comfortable with that.
Please provide original Japanese lyrics and/or a readable booklet scan along with your request.

I might close requests at any given time.


  1. Hello it's me again ヾ(=^▽^=) If you have time could you please try to translate "Isogashikute Yokatta" from Golden Bomber please? ^^
    You can see original lyrics here:
    And romaji here:

    Don't hesitate to say me no I'll understand and I don't want to bother you (⊃-^) Good afternoon ^^

    1. It's been translated! I'm so sorry for the delay.

  2. Anonymous29/7/13 00:25

    Hello : ) Please, I have request of lyrics for you, it's the song 'rein' by the band cocklobin. This is the kanji lyrics : (I checked with the scan booklet and there are no errors). So if you can translate this song, I will be very happy (^-^) By advance, thank you so much !

    (Sorry for the name "anonymous", I haven't blogger profil ^^)

  3. Anonymous7/8/13 04:00

    can you please translate

    12012 - Deicida of Silence

    kanji is here

  4. hello,I want to request mejibray a priori and shuuei interview with visulog.

    here the link: ,

  5. What does the term 'saki' mean? It was used as something banned by some bands. Please, thank you.

  6. Hi! I'am Sakura Fujio

    I love Visual Kei, bands like Diaura and R-Shitei are my fav~
    I'am currently running on a project under the name Daily Lolita.
    And I need a lyrics translator, English to Japanese.
    If your willing to help I'll be REALY glad!!

    Why you should help me with my Lyrics?
    -you will be the first one to know the lyrics (before the MV is uploaded)
    -Daily Lolita is not just normal, it will become big one day!!
    -your name will be credit on the MV
    -and it will be fun~

    If you want to know more about me here are some;