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Original text: 綴
Translation: Gizorz


A Type
“Let’s make the best of this foolish world together.
 Like watching a movie.
  And sharing our impressions when it ends.”

『Sometime the world will be brought to an end. The two of us.
       And we’ll laugh together.

“And we’ll wish not to be born again”

‐A fragment of me, a part of me‐


B Type
Add 15 to the 15th card and divide by two
Don’t forget me, pinky promise soup
I stuck your photo behind my eyelids before sewing them on.
Clattering clattering… So that I won’t forget you. So that you won’t forget me.
“ah? Smell of rain”


Regular Type
Dressing up my wrist –the first-
The utility knife is my friend
Dressing up my wrist –how many-
The razorblade is my friend
I paint my past and my faults from above and line up the letters as “don’t forget?”
-A kiss to the Maria on my left arm-

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  1. Anonymous13/8/14 00:55

    The quotes on Regular Type sounds like in RISK:er