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Original text: 綴
Translation: Gizorz


Regular type
I look at the painting concealing my scars and remember you again today
Even now, when I forget my pain and hope,
I’m still wishing somewhere that you’ll paint over them again.
That is my weakness
「My strength」


A type
“I can’t stop.
When you’re spiteful, you fill me up with worry, I ponder over the words of love you left for me.
It’s unbearable.

It’s my sadism”
     ~EMILY’s diary~


B type
「Do you know why Candy melts?」
「Do you know why the sky is blue?」
「Do you know why humans feel pain?」
「Hey? You who I’m asking questions to, who are you?」
-you are you, the object in my vision is the unwavering past, wearing the name you...


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