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Original text: 綴
Translation: Gizorz


Regular type
Teach me how to simply write down the reason to keep wanting someone time and time again
「It’s because I love you.」
I think I love you.
But, what is that love…
「It’s because I love you.」
I think I want to make you happy.
But, what is that happiness…
「It’s because I love you.」


A type
Tiny flowers everywhere
This isn’t a scenery you’d usually find 
But, because you’re not that one flower you can find everywhere,
When you’re in pain, would you please try looking for them at ease?
Because you’ll surely see something
Because this is the path you always walk.

B type
In short…
If you want to be loved, love them
if you want to be loved, love yourself
pursue love with an 「affection」 that exceeds that love
I want to love myself
Because I want all of your 「love」 and 「affection」
     ~EMILY’s diary~


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