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lyrics: 綴
Romaji: hiphopVOMIT
Translation: Gizorz


Black Baccarat


愛と欲望のBlack baccarat
永遠の美をBlack baccarat
再生の樹よBlack baccarat
絶景の理はBlack baccarat

in Hate

in Hate


Black baccarat


Black Baccarat
kimi to musubareta yoru wa
ano hi mita kotoba ni nomareta
tada no "SADIZUMU" to toraereba
akai bara wa namida, kowareta

kimi ga karada ni shirushita
kami no itazura o ima ni natte
ai to yakusu no nara
hifu o kizanda ARUMERIA

ai to yokubou no Black baccarat
eien no bi o Black baccarat
saisei no ki yo Black baccarat
zekkei no ri wa Black baccarat

owaranai yoru wa tada aisareteitai
in Hate
kaiga wa hako no naka e
ima subete o kimi kara ubaeru nara
kimi e
eien no noroi to kuchibiru

ai to yokubou no Black baccarat
eien no bi o Black baccarat

SAYONARA no yoru o kareyuku bara to yakusu
in Hate
ai... kimi no jubaku
zetsubou, haitoku, kannou, aegu SUPIRA
eien no aiseki o

suimen o mau kimi no kotoba wa
itsuka koori to natte nemuru yo
nee? wakatteru?
kono shikou o tsukuriageta no wa kimi no shikou
saa, tsugi no kotoba o kikasete...

Black baccarat


Black Baccarat
The night that bound me to you,
Swallowed by the words I saw that day
If I see it as simple "sadism",
A red rose destroyed by tears

You've written down on my body
If you’d translate this mischief
of God into love
Armeria[1] carved into skin

Black baccarat of love and greed
Black baccarat the beauty of eternity
Black baccarat sap of rebirth
Black baccarat, the reason for this beautiful view

I just want to be loved in this never-ending night
in Hate
A picture inside a box
If I could take everything from you now
To you
A curse and my lips for eternity

I’ll translate this night of farewell into a withering rose
in Hate
Love… your spell
Despair, corruption, payment, spira of suffering 
remainder of my voice…
eternal regret

Black baccarat
The words of you who is dancing on the water surface
Some time they’ll turn to ice and sleep
Right? Understand?
My thoughts have been completed by yours
Well, let me hear your next words…

[1] As you may or may not have noticed by now, besides colors, Tsuzuku also has a thing with flowers. He mentions them a lot, but also has made mentions of flower symbolism. So you might wanna keep that in mind. 
According to flower symbolism, the armeria stand for “sympathy”. Red roses are obvious, they mean “love”. Then there are baccarat mentioned: black roses. Tsuzuku talks about this in an interview with visulog and he explains their meaning as “I hate you a lot, but I love you”, because black roses aren’t really black, they’re just a shade of red that’s close to black.


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    in Hate
    A picture inside a box
    If I could take everything from you now"
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