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Original text: 綴
Translation: Gizorz


Regular type
Do you remember the day when, covered in scars, we took each other’s hands
and laughed that it was a contract in blood.
I look up at the sky
“The sky is where I’m now, the dark space I see with my eyes is the world”
Do you remember the day we cried?
I’ve decided what I want to say next.
I make a circle with my arms
「What do you think is inside here? … the answer…」 


Type A
If I could temporarily become you, I’d disturb the inside of your head, I’d destroy the many drawers.
If you are suffering because of your own thoughts, if I wouldn't be able to make them comprehensible…
If I couldn't put them into words…
You who suffer because of what’s inside your head, you have become unable to switch off the tap…


Type B
Alone… the soil in my head is devoid of water
Today too, I seek water…
Didn’t you tell me once
「I’ll always give you water」
I’m not looking for water... rather, I’m looking for “medicine”.


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