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Original text: 綴
Translation: Gizorz


Regular type
This is a new story
You and I are the characters
You’re you without being you, you’re not the you I’m imagining you to be
There’s no meaning to this story,
 This story affects me deeply, it’s a story with profound meaning
I’m me, but huh? Who on earth is the me I am now?
More than that, what we’re now talking about……………………………………………


A type
Kiss… The sky is falling
Kiss… Flash playing music 
Kiss… Mechanical forest
Kiss… Look, fish are flying in the sky
Do you love me?  Are you hungry? / Is this love? am I hungry?
It might be a bit different.
I don’t really understand


B type
I wonder what color love is?
「You who expect passion red to be the answer, you’re jet black. I’m certainly jet black」

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