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Original article: SHOXX vol. 241
Translation: Gizorz

Unfortunately, part of the page is cut off in the scan that I have, making the first part of the column absolutely incomprehensible. I'm posting this anyway though, even if it's unfinished, in hopes that I will at some point be able to complete it.
Thanks to @dampiresaki I have a proper scan now! The post has been updated
Also, apologies for my dreadful writing style.



There are many different colors in this world
I don't really know who decided that,
And personally, it's not something I'm particularly worried about either.
It doesn't really matter, if I may say so.

R, G, B are called the three original colors
that doesn't really matter.
Because only the colors we can see have names attached to them.

But I think people have colors as well.
The colors of emotions
And the color of the present
I think it's different for everyone, I don't understand it either.

If it was something you could see with your eyes


or blood

It's easy to understand that we compare tears to blue

It's easy to understand that we compare blood to red

If so, spilling blood into those tears
spilling tears into that blood
Would they become purple?

These aren't colors that are perceived by the eye.

You can clearly see that blood is red, but tears look colorless and transparent.

But it's visible to us.

That tears are blue.
And the emotion "sadness" looks blue to us as well.

No, at times it looks indigo too.

I'm interested in seeing these things.
colors are just as interesting as words.

That colorless transparence I just mentioned
What color is that transparence?

It's something to think about for a long time,
but I think that if you'll come to fully understand it, life might become very dull


I want to send my applause to the people who created these words in the past.

Don't people have them too.
Transparent areas.
Everyone has their own way of thinking.
So I better not touch upon that subject.
But I want everyone to think about it a little as well.
about 「the transparent parts of people」.

Colors and words are interesting.

If I may say so, my existence doesn't really matter
If I may say so, your existence doesn't really matter
If I may say so, life doesn't really matter

But, I think that words and colors are there to make us think that the fact that it doesn't matter does matter.

I'm happy.
To be born in this country with a culture of speaking Japanese,
and to be able to perceive these colors.

It's why,
I'm able to experience "something" together with all of you now.

I'm grateful.

To everyone reading this.
To everyone who supports me.
To everyone who supports MEJIBRAY.

I'll keep swimming.
I'll keep walking.
Trough this parallel universe.

To everyone who recognizes the existence of me, while letting me give birth to these colors and words.

Thank you.

I'm happy to be born in this age

I wonder what color today is.

Will you all try and think about it?

I hope the new year... the year 2013 will become a wonderful year.
And that wonderful colors will come to life.
For me, for MEJIBRAY, and above all, for all of you.



  1. Dude your writing isn't dreadful. Thank you for posting it even tho it's incomplete.

  2. thanks a lot for translating it.
    Love MEJIBRAY so much, love the way of Tsuzuku's thinking, genius.